Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mother- Madeo (2009)

Much as this soundtrack makes one want to dance the slow dance of serenity and carefree-ness, it is only when one sees the film- and that too only in the very end- that one is exposed to the real (read- real enough to blow your fucking mind) meaning of the dance that Mother (played freakishly well by Kim Hye-ja) is introduced to the audience with in the very first shot.
It is twisted, makes one feel queasy and quite like Bong Joon-ho's previous masterful contribution to the crime thriller genre Memories of Murder, it left me with a sickening feeling in the gut that I'm sure I will find hard to shake off for a few days atleast.
Yes, there are pacing issues, especially in the second half. Yes, precious little happens in some sections in the middle that could've perhaps been dealt with better.
But stick with it and you shall be rewarded with a few genuinely affecting scenes that South Korean cinema has produced in recent times, or as regular people would call it- some highly fucked up shit.
Four out of five.
PS: If fucked up shit is not your thing, do still listen to the soundtrack. You WILL move to the melody.
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