Friday, January 26, 2018

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

What the fuck did I just watch right now! Seriously!
This came out of nowhere.
I wasn't expecting anything when I sat to watch this, but I must admit, this turned out to be one heck of a goose-bumps inducing and- not to mention- singularly gruesome viewing experience (Not sure how I will sleep now).
Starring Kurt Russell as a small-town sheriff who sets out with three other men to rescue captives taken by a group of savages living in the mountains, the film draws you in right from the word go and leaves you as curious as you can get when you have squished a spider with a Hardcover but haven't yet lifted the book to see what the result looks like.
While the pace is slow, the film is able to build an excruciating amount of curiosity as to what will happen next by combining elements from four different genres, namely- Western, Horror, Gore and Comedy, to brilliant effect.
The cinematography reminded me of some scenes from There Will Be Blood perhaps because of the coldness.
I think the usage of still camera shots with little or no focus on giving the audience a wider view of the background works in favour of the director as it creates a claustrophobic effect and you keep biting your nails all the time, knowing that danger is lurking only an inch outside the frame.
Also, that the acting is top notch (especially Russell) only adds to the effectiveness of it all.
I liked it. But you might want to check out the content advisory before going by my recommendation. Some really gory scenes in this.
Few in number, yes, but very... VERY disturbing.
Catch the trailer here:

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