Friday, January 26, 2018

Arbitrage (2012)

So Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko enjoys cult status even two decades after Wall Street was released and Richard Gere's Robert Miller from this film totally flies under the radar of almost every critic I follow for four fucking years!
It’s just wrong.
So… So wrong.
And I am quite sure that I would've been unlucky enough to have missed this myself had I not happened to have a few people on my friends list who in turn happen to have excellent taste in cinema.
Gere brings so much charisma to his portrayal of Miller, a troubled hedge fund magnate who has lied a few times too many to wriggle out of the combined repercussions without scarring himself.
A family that knows Robert too well to overlook signs that things are about to go south for them, an affair that ends abruptly, the crime that it leads to, a business transaction gone bad (and the crime that it leads to) and of course the clever cop who is always one step behind the anti-hero (Tim Roth in great form. As to why and how I have not seen more than a handful of films he's acted in, I've got no clue. Shame!)
This is a great plot and the taut script leaves little or no place for boring detours viewers usually have to put up with in most non action-based thrillers. Nicholas Jarecki directs with just the right amount of gloss to give Gere enough opportunities to shine as a devious human who has dug a hole too deep to have any other solution but to keep digging.
In all, while I may not go too far and proclaim this to be the best that there is, I really liked this a lot.
An easy three and a half out of five.
Certainly worth a shot, especially for Gere and the charming albeit wicked little 'I know too much to lose' smiles that he sports at every twist and turn.
Catch trailer here, but know that it is of crap quality. Makes the film look like an average rated TV show.

I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

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