Sunday, January 21, 2018

Flight (2012)

While Eastwood's Sully continues to occupy my dreadfully long to-watch list, I couldn't help but take the time out to watch this one after hearing somebody gushing about how much better this film is compared to the former.
Comparisons aside, this is one of Robert Zemeckis's finest films and more importantly one of Denzel Washington's finest performances.
With a screenplay that starts off as an out and out action thriller and then settles into a nice and tense investigative thriller drama, Flight is what one would easily call, a perfectly executed film.
The flaws- that is if any can even be pointed at- lie solely in the underwhelming manner of writing that has gone into the script.
Washington plays Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot who is dubbed a hero after he manoeuvres a malfunctioned airplane out of a straight-to-the-ground nose-dive situation and still crash lands, but with only a few casualties.
While he is praised for saving the lives that he did, questions still loom heavy on whether he is indeed a straight hero and was it really a technical fault that caused the crash.
After all, it is clear from the start that Whip is a heavy drinker and a drug user, and was both drunk and high on the day of the flight.
Washington's portrayal of the protagonist is excellent. He is as restrained as only a cannon is before going loose.
His conflict, though internal, sits right on his face for the audience to see even as the twists make one wonder what our intriguing lead will finally end up doing.
Zemeckis directs with a assured hand, which is more than enough for a filmmaker in his position and with his experience to do for the film to work (and work it does, oh yes).
John Goodman gets a total of three scenes, ample screen-time for him to make his presence felt as Whip's wacko neighbour cum drug dealer.
Rest of the cast does well too. (I heart Kelly Reilly, big time. Doesn't matter what movie she's in and what role she's playing. I heart her.)
All in all, this is a sure-footed production that delivers the expected.
And for that it earns a solid four out of five in my books.
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