Thursday, January 25, 2018

Demolition (2015)

More therapeutic than cinematic an experience, Gyllenhaal's latest is a good film, is what I can tell you.
Depicting the life of an investment banker who, in the wake of his wife's sudden demise is left to cope with the fact that he never really loved her or was honest with her about many things, the film is smooth and swift in narration.
While there is nothing new about the story, it was the jump-cut editing style, the acting (of all actors including an in-form Jake Gyllenhaal and a terrific performance by the kid Judah Lewis) and most importantly the background music that helped me avoid noticing the clichés in it until after the film ended, so much so that to avoid thinking about those clichés for a while longer and- more so- to experience the film's therapeutic vibe some more, I looked up the songs used and ended up playing them on loop for about an hour.
The camerawork overall and in one particular scene in specific is so fucking soothing that I've watched that particular segment over twenty times already in two days.
And for just that along with the music employed, I rate this a four instead of the three that Demolition actually deserves.
Neither as moving nor as powerful as the director's English debut venture Dallas Buyers Club.
But worth a watch.
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