Thursday, January 25, 2018

Killa (2015)

It is remarkable and also very inspiring to note that a film with so much of heart and soul is the doing of a d├ębutante director (Avinash Arun).
After Elizabeth Ekadashi, this is the second Marathi film from my recent viewing list that has left me simply bowled over by the amount of commitment, patience and sheer drive to tell a story that seems to have gone into its making. 
For, without these it can never be that what gets captured on camera when ten or eleven years olds are in front of it, does not feel like forced-down-the-throat acting.
Stunning performances from all actors involved. Especially the children; every single one, right to the last kid who made it onscreen for only a second or two. Pure. 
Uninhibited. Natural. Real.
And the cinematography! Oh, I wouldn't want my petty words to describe something that is meant to be seen for its praiseworthiness to be believed.
I thoroughly recommend this film to all.
Watch it only on the big screen if you truly want to allow the beauty of nature and the innocence of the characters to hit you, tug at your heartstrings and involve you so much into it that you end up putting your younger self in the scene being played- be it sitting alone on the beach or riding a fisher-boat with the world behind you and the mighty sea in front, its waves blowing a steady breath of salty air into your face; or finding yourself strolling inside the walls of that mesmerizingly shot Killa (the fort) touching its moss laden walls with your fingertips as the rain pattering down hard on rock brings to your ears, a slapping sound both curious and dreaded.
Watch it today. 
For if nothing else, the least it'll do is make you want to meet your friends and go on a holiday to some place green.
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