Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rege (2014)

Rege is quite the intelligent film, playing with an intentionally scattered timeline that makes you think long and hard while attempting to put all the pieces together in your mind.

It is gritty, unpleasant and yet ensures that humor does not absent itself from the proceedings even as people kill and get killed.

Good thing I began watching with zero expectations (which is what happens when you have already watched two crappy films back to back in one day... John Wick starring Keanu 'I-just-cant-emote-I'm-sorry-I-just-cant' Reeves and another one with Steve Carrel in it) But even if I had kept expectations, I think I would still have been impressed.

Flawed to an extent, yes. But the film slowly grew on me with its manner of telling and ensured that I stay with it till the very end.

Marathi cinema produces another gem worth the viewers thought and time.

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