Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birdman (2014)

This is the kind of comedy film that can only be the making of a man who has previously written and directed genuine pro-depressants such as Amores Perros, 21 grams, Babel and Biutiful and who now wants to put a smile on the audience's faces all while making them feel miserable on the inside.

Shot for the most part as a single long take and with a sparse, drum-heavy background score, this film will go down in history as technically one of the most proficient films ever made and unlike Fincher's technical proficiency that glazes his films cold and emotionless (not that I am complaining), Birdman also succeeds in striking multiple emotional chords.

Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, the movie stars Michael Keaton in a performance that recently won him a deserving Golden Globe nod, Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Emma Stone and Zach Galifianakis (of Hangover fame) all of whom do a wonderful job of keeping the characters engaging and fun, if not funny. In most places the comedy feels perfectly subtle and underplayed, which must have been quite a task given how eccentric the characters are.

Now I could lie here, telling you that it was unclear whether this film would open in a theatre near me despite its scheduled release in India on 30th Jan, so I did what I had promised myself I wouldn't do unless it was absolutely unavoidable and downloaded a copy.

But who am I kidding, right?

I just couldn't wait anymore. The reviews were driving me fucking crazy.

Nonetheless, this film is recommended viewing (which I recommend you do in a theatre near you, come Jan the 30th, just like I will be doing, in a bid to prove that I always pay my dues)


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