Thursday, July 22, 2010


As I sit today on my PC, I count that I am only months away from my CA Final (circa 3 & a half). 

There is not one lie in my statement when I type that I badly wanted to sneak in another post before I disappeared into my cocoon of self-banishment for the aforesaid interlude. 

But as I’ve come to discover about myself, the more my brain wanders into fiction, the harder it gets for me to revere the other half of my life; that half which shall earn me the freedom to be what I am without every other civilized bloke pointing a finger at me and sniggering his heart out that ‘this boy whom we thought to be so mature was stupid enough to throw away a bright prospective career and look at what the fool is doing now when everyone else of his age have thoughts on their mind that can actually be termed as goals- like earning prestige (read- moolah), flooding the corporate, becoming head honchos and single handedly controlling companies. Look at the idiot, he’s writing gibberish!’

Anyways, no point in discussing something that is generic amongst human beings; finding solace in the tranquility of repetition and the known.

I have made up my mind. The next time I open my blogger shall be in the last week of November; not for anyone else but for my own good.

But I must warn you this moment itself, come December you shall feel the full blast of what a man who dwells within language is capable of conjuring when he’s gone months without pouring out his ideas and has no constraints to put up with.

See you on the other side.


Satish Gaikwad said...

Your posts which are based on fiction and humour are worth reading man........

Percy Slacker said...

When you say 'flooding the corporate' I picture the Mithi river / nala diverted from it's course and FIFC flooded to the sixth floor.

If this hiatus got an apology post I wonder what your current situation merits.

Ravi Kumar said...

It merits a full length apology novel, is what it merits. :)