Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia - Mohsin Hamid

No, this is not a self help book for ambitious people who have got it into their head that reading what rich fuckers have written will help them achieve their goal of becoming rick fuckers who write for other prospective rich fuckers to read and get inspired.

In fact this is anything but that.

And while, this may not be a book that warrants a full fledged review from my end owing to its short length and a lack of depth in story that I have come to associate with the writer's previous work as well (The Reluctant Fundamentalist)-but which nowhere becomes a hindrance during the read, mind you- this book is Mohsin Hamid at his sublime, free-flowing best.

His observations spot on, his language his sentence structuring most singular and his description of events and people so minimal that never does he use two words when one will suffice or two scenes when the description of a single static image will be strong enough to convey the author's heart-wrenching vision to the audience.

And what more, Hamid this time around employs an innovative narrative style of presenting the tale as a guidebook written in present tense where the reader is the protagonist and Hamid, the helpful voice plotting for them a way forward to successfully thriving in a present day city of the subcontinent. This certainly acts as icing to an already delicious cream cake (only to the literary eye of course).

Then there is the author's trademark high note ending to speak of, to discuss of, to debate on but more so- to simply cherish. An ending so perfect in the literary sense, it made me squeal in part elation part envy.

As a published book 'How to get filthy rich..' may not have anything new to offer in terms of story or ultimate purpose. But this is a must read if you have already tasted any of this true artist's previous works.

I found it intriguing. I hope you do too.

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Archana Sarat said...

Not sure about the book but your review makes it sound like a real piece of cake.Lovely review, Ravi. I'm picking this up, for sure!