Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Pianist

The title does not by any chance refer to Roman Polanski's biopic on Polish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman.

Had rewatched a French film that goes by the name 'The Intouchables' (good film on numerous accounts, albeit lacking strength on few others) and I just could not take the opening credit score out of my mind. Had to keep going back to the scene where the score begins and the had to go back to it again and then again and again for some reason.

But I just couldn't stop there. Had to know who the composer of the score was, had to google for his name and just had to, just had to get a taste of any other gems that he might've produced in his stint as composer, if I were lucky enough to get a taste of any more gems. And I was lucky indeed.

Four hours worth lucky!

And you know what? I think its time I stopped mucking around the readers' brains with my usual beating around the bush, my customary resorting to the tools of my trade (the trade of producing shit that takes ages to go through, interesting or not being a different question). I think just for this once, my knack (to your misfortune) of being verbose at every possible opportunity that I'm granted, can take a hike.

So, unlike the usual me, I keep it sweet and short (to your fortune).

To Ludovico Einaudi, I say- Sir you are pure genius. Please continue. . . . . I await more from you . . .

To others - Enjoy!!!

PS:  Preferring headphones over speakers for this one would be a good idea.

PPS: I so wish I were ambidextrous right now so I could also perform something as beautiful as this.

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